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To Your Health and Wellness

Get to know our Yankee Farmer's Market Team Members and their recommendations to combat health and wellness stressors.

Morning Meditation

I never considered myself as a "Meditator". After all... who had time to be still and quite frankly do nothing? It seemed like there was no way I was going to ever be able to calm the chatter in my mind. But... perhaps that was actually the point.

I started meditating as stress management because stress can wreak havoc on hormones, adrenals and overall health and I was committed to being healthier. What I have learned over the last 2 years is "how" to meditate and the "why". I was such a novice I had to listen to Learn How to Meditate in 5 Days. Embarrassingly, it actually took me 3 weeks to figure it out and I am still challenged by it today. My competitive brain wanted to "win" at meditation, so I tended to even overthink the one thing you are not actually supposed to do be successful.. hmmm. I knew from the start this was going to be out of my comfort zone.

Every morning I carve out 5-10 minutes and I highly recommend it. I look forward to that quiet and peaceful time in my day. I don't sit like others as I don't find this to be relaxing at all. Instead, I choose to lay down on my back. I really think anything goes if it works for you. The running joke in my household is Mom is "meditating" which is also me sometimes climbing into bed in the middle of the day for a power nap. It's amazing how 5-10 mins completely recharges and resets you and your mindset.

I am often starting my day with my 5 minute morning gratitude (which is sometimes just thankful for the morning colors in the sky). This is a great and powerful mindset to start with which in turn helps with stress. But, perhaps the most helpful lesson learned is to be quiet enough to give myself enough space out of my busy life to seek wisdom, understanding and answers to everyday life questions. It's one part gratitude, one part manifestation and one part download of universal wisdom.

I challenge you to try for a few weeks!

And Yes... there is an App for that!

I use Insight Timer, but there is also Calm, Headspace and many others.

Cheers to you and your wellness!

Keira Farmer, Owner

Yankee Farmer's Market & Pitcher Mountain Farm

Farmer, Mother, Wife, Kinesiologist



It's said that when you are feeling grateful that it's impossible to feel sad, angry or depressed. Did you know, our brains are always either planting flowers or growing weeds. It takes a conscious effort to think positive good feeling thoughts. After all, our reptilian brain is always trying to protect us by pointing out all the dangers in order to keep us alive. Using gratitude is a way to put yourself right in the NOW and be thankful for all the things you DO have and communicate to our bodies we are safe in this moment. So it's not surprising the practice of gratitude has also been shown to reduce your stress response, allowing for optimal cortisol levels. Gratitude journaling is a great practice to add to your daily routine, it's easy, simply write down 3-5 things you are grateful for that day. Give it a try today!

Ginger Snow, YFM Operations Director

Certified Primal Health Coach, and Biohacker

Former Professional Women's Tackle Football Athlete


Medicinal Honey

Most everyone knows how medicinal honey is but did you know you can infuse herbs into your honey to make it an even more potent medicine? Honey naturally contains vitamins, minerals, antivirals, antiseptic, antibacterial and antioxidants! By adding in herbs you can make a natural and effective medicine for the whole family! Recipe is below and super easy!

Try these! Add them to warm water or take them internally!

Ginger- Upset tummies, digestion and nausea

Elderberry- Immune system support

Lemon Balm- Anxiety and depression, Calming, digestion (Great for Kids!)

Lavender- Calming, Sleep (Great for Kids!)

These can also all be combined to make a power house honey remedy.


Pint Mason Jar

Wooden Spoon

Canning Funnel



2 tbsp dried herbs

1 cup raw honey


Place the herbs into a clean glass jar, then crush with a wooden spoon. Add the honey to the jar. Stir to completely combine the herbs into the honey.

Seal the jar with a lid, then place into a sunny window. Every few days, turn the jar over. Infused 3-4 weeks total.

Strain out the herbs using a canning funnel under a mesh strainer. Gently rewarm the honey in double-boiler if it's too thick. Store the strained infused herbal honey in a lidded jar.

You're done! Super easy and effective way to keep you and your family healthy!

Brigitte Gutgesell, YFM Sales

Herbalist & Bee Keeper


Best Winter Soups and Stews

Even though I hate when the days get shorter, I always look forward to soup season! I think soups and stews are so versatile and so easy to make - plus warm and comforting! I usually get one Misty Knoll whole chicken each week, roast it, and make a stock out of it, which is a great base for many soups. For me, a great stock is the secret to a great soup! Plus, it is full of good fats, vitamins, and collagen to keep you heathy and warm this winter. Check out this list of hearty winter soups and see which one strikes your fancy.

Katie Malloy

YFM Retail Store Manager

Artist, Educator, Farmer



Medicinal Herbal Teas from Be Well Planted We have some new, delicious, herbal tea blends in stock that we are really excited about! Missi from Be Well Planted blends these healing and yummy herbs together to create delightful teas that can help you de-stress, relax, or boost your immune system. Stop into our farm store today to shop our selection.


DIY Birdfeeder

Keep your local birdies warm and fed this winter! Check out this tutorial for a DIY suet bird feeder. It is super easy, and a great way to use up a product that otherwise sometimes goes to waste. We have plenty of suet available for all your bird feeder (and other) needs.


Healthy Food - Delivered!

If your resolution is to eat healthier this year, check out our CSA program. Choose from 8 different proteins and a wide variety of cuts - all local, all delicious! 8+ pickup locations monthly, or get it shipped to your door via UPS. Feel good about your meals in 2022! Still time to join PICK UP LOCATIONS INCLUDE: Warner, Concord, Hooksett, Laconia, White River Jct, Lebanon, Stoddard, Sunapee & more!


Looking for Farmers (or Avid Gardeners!)

Do you know a vegetable farmer or a gardener who always ends up with lots of extra veg? Send them our way! We are looking to supplement our farm store this summer with some local produce. If you are interested, please shoot us an email .


The techniques, strategies, and suggestions expressed here are intended to be used for educational purposes only. The authors are not rendering medical advice, nor to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, condition, illness, or injury. It is imperative that before beginning any nutrition or exercise program you receive full medical clearance from a licensed physician.

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