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'Shrooms - Grow Your Own!

Mushrooms are amazing - they can clean up pollution, help trees talk to each other, plus they have such a subtle, unique, delicious flavors. It is so easy (and cost-effective!) to grow you own!

I use plug spawn to grow my mushrooms. Plugs (small wooden dowels, essentially) are inoculated with mushroom spawn, then inserted into holes drilled into a log. Then, the holes are sealed with beeswax, the logs sit in a shady, moist place for a while, and - boom! Mushrooms! That's it. It couldn't be easier or cheaper to have your own fresh supply of mushrooms.

You will need to source the right kind of logs for your mushrooms - some variety prefer different types of trees, and also pay attention to the specific needs of each mushroom. Some like to fruit when it is warm, some like to fruit in cooler temperatures.

If you want to integrate mushroom logs into your garden, check out for design & installation assistance!

Katie Malloy

Retail Store Manager

Landscape/Garden Designer

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