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Beef and Buffalo Liver

As we've talked about in the past, organs are an absolute powerhouse of nutrition. Specifically, between 10 and 100 times the nutrients then muscle meat! And yet most people want nothing to do with them.

When you break it down it's really a no brainer, they are incredibly nutrient dense, a ton cheaper than standard muscle meat and readily available. A twofer that makes a healthy body and happy wallet, you can't beat that!

Below is a friendly reminder of all the incredible benefits of liver compared side by side to other highly touted super foods. Although as we know now, some of which are not so super at all, eh hem KALE! Read more about Oxalates to understand the dark side of Kale.

But for now, back to Liver!

Image from The Carnivore Code, by Paul Saladino, M.D.

Now live is not exactly super easy to get down, believe me I GET IT! Some things you can do to help with that metallic taste is to soak it in milk or something acidic like orange, lemon or lime juice for a few hours before cooking.

They can be cooked up pretty much any way you like. I'm an Instant Pot fan so I put it in there with a bunch of flavors to help curb the strong taste. Anything from BBQ sauce, maple syrup, or garlic. If you like it and it's flavorful give it a shot.

Grinding it up seems to help as well, so there is less chewing involved, which means less time in your mouth. Or just put on some extra fat or other nice yummy flavor to mask the strong taste.

Other organs each have huge nutritional benefits as well. Your grandparents new what they were doing when they had these amazing organs for dinner.

The West has been brainwashed over the years that organs are somehow demeaning or dirty or gross, it's all crazy nonsense concocted by big corporations who would rather you buying their processed junk food! Hundreds of countries, cultures and years have coveted and understood the power of animal organs to our health. Using the entire animal was the foundation of the Native American culture and many others.

Other incredible benefits reported from eating liver include higher energy levels, accelerated muscle growth, reduced toxic load, mood and cognitive support, stronger bones and overall wellness.

Keep in mind there are daily recommended limits, so more is not always better. For most people a max of 4oz per week is tolerated. As with anything new, consult your doc of you're not sure.

Give this powerhouse food a try and then make it a regular part of your healthy eating!

Ginger Snow

Operations Director Biohacker Certified Primal Health Coach

Professional Tackle Football Player (retired)

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