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Growing a Giant Pumpkin, Part 5 (Plus Recipes!)

Giant pumpkins have reached the fruiting stage! Our giant cucurbit has unfurled it's massive leaves, collected a bunch of sunlight, and turned that into plant food. Now, it is growing some baby pumpkins. These furry little knobs will (hopefully) one day be giant pumpkins!

While those giant pumpkins will be more fun to look at then to eat, their blossoms are quite tasty. They are delicately flavored and fleeting, but when harvested fresh and cooked right away, they are a very delicious summer dish. Normally they are seen on restaurant menus fried and stuffed with cheese, but they can be prepared many ways. Read more about different ways to prepare squash blossoms here.

Pro tip: check the inside of your blossoms for bugs before harvesting!

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