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Why Warner?

You may wonder when driving the winding roads towards our quaint store, why Warner? There are so many beautiful, small towns scattered throughout New Hampshire, but amongst all those, Warner stands out. Located along New Hampshire Route 103 and the Warner River, it is the perfect example of a New Hampshire small town with a personality all its own. Warner throughout time has maintained its small town appeal with its population growing from 883 in 1790 to 2,833 in 2010. The town is home to Northeast Catholic College, Rollins State Park, and Mount Kearsarge State Forest.

Like many other towns, it has made its mark on history. The town has been granted four times since 1735, and was lastly and finally granted Warner on September 3rd, 1774; named after Jonathan Warner a leading Portsmouth citizen. Interestingly, it was one of the last towns established under English provincial rule prior to the revolution. All throughout Warner's history it has been a prolific farming community, producing meats, dairy goods, vegetables, hay, and apples. Being established on a river, it provided the opportunity of water power for mills, so as the town developed and industrialized it was home to many different factories. Warner is also home to the Fall Foliage Festival that occurs annually (now in its 71st year) every Columbus Day Weekend, bringing thousands to the town.

These are only a few of the great things about Warner so we hope with all that Warner offers you will come visit and grab some delicious local food while you are at it.

Some great things to check out while you are visiting: Mount Kearsarge Indian Museum, New Hampshire Telephone Museum, Mount Kearsarge, Rollins State Park, Main Street BookEnds. Don't forget to grab a bite to eat at Foot Hills Restaurant, The Local or Schoodacs Coffee before vising the farm!

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