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CSA Farm Share Program

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA's offer residents to have access to high quality, locally grown fresh product (and/or meat) from local or regional farmers. A "share" is purchased by "members" who visit the farm each week or so to pick up their "share" of that particular harvest. The items are bagged or boxed up ready for each pickup.

Generally they run from a set time frame during the year. When you become a member you purchase a "share" of the program. Pickup or deliveries vary from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and are often at several local convenient locations around your particular neighborhood.

Meat CSA Information

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA's offer local residents access to high-quality, locally grown fresh products (and/or meat) from local or regional farmers. A "share" is purchased by "members" who visit the farm or local pick up to pick up their "share" for their season. The items are bagged or boxed up ready for each pickup or delivery.

Meat CSA Process

Choose which meats and farm-fresh foods you would like, choose the size for your needs and if you would like delivery or pick up. Each month you will receive one delivery. Shares are billed on the 10th of each month and deliveries are on the 3rd full week of each month.

CSA Pickup Options and Locations

Currently, we many different pickup locations with more being added each month. Choose to pick up in Concord, Hooksett, Lebanon, Warner, White River Junction (VT) or Sunapee. Scroll to the very bottom of this page for specific monthly pickup times and locations.

We also offer UPS shipping direct to your home or office. UPS charges and a container fee will be added on at checkout.

New to the program is home delivery (for Concord, NH only). There is an additional fee for this service. $15 for the Single Share, $18 for the Double Share, and $20 for the Family Share. When shopping, choose the home delivery option and when checking out, choose "pickup" in the shipping details screen.

Meat CSA Cost

Single: $149 /month

Double: $259 /month

Family: $499 /month

Benefits of the Monthly CSA (vs seasonal)

We bill the CSA in on the 10th day of each month which means lower cost per billing cycle.

We will bring the meat on the same day every month (starting the 3rd Tuesday of each month) for less confusion of when delivery is being made.

Recurring, so unless you want to cancel or change your options, it just keeps running and you don't have to worry about signing up each season.

How This Compares to our old Seasonal CSA

All prices and portions have been proportionally adjusted to the new program.

If you had an "XSmall" -> convert to the "Single".

If you had a "Small" --> convert to the "Double".

If you had a "Medium" --> convert to the "Family".

Meat CSA Contents

Your choice of Buffalo, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Venison, Elk and Lamb.

Changes and updates

Any changes to your CSA must can sent over to us with this quick and easy form. Our online system where you placed your order does not allow for the customer to make edits to the order options once the order has been placed. If you have updates to your CSA please use the form each month you have changes. If there are no changes we will use your last known preferences. Changes must be submitted by the 1st of each month.

Meat CSA Benefits

1. You’re supporting your local community – it’s no secret that many of our local meat producers are being pushed out by larger scale, commercial farmers. The best way to show your support is to put your money where your mouth is…literally.

2. It encourages more quality, healthy meat consumption – You kind of have no excuse to not eat quality meat when it is showing up on your doorstep each week. We love making smart choices with our food quality around here, but if it's not in the house we’re less likely to eat healthy. We make it easy, so no more excuses now!

3. Stuck in a meat rut? You get to experiment with different types of meat – It's easy to get stuck in a meat rut and eat the same things over and over. Having someone pick things for you (or at least the option of having them pick for you) encourages you to try things you normally wouldn’t. Without our CSA many customers would never have discovered how much they love shaved steak or osso bucco!

4. It saves you money – With every dollar you spend, a percentage goes right back into your account through our Buffalo Buyers Rewards Club to use for future purchases, saving you money.

5. Convenience - We have several pickup locations as well as shipping available to make it as easy and convenient as possible.

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