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Spring Has Sprung

Springtime at the farm. There's nothing quite like it. Spring in New England is like a whole new world. The warm air, bright sunshine and the color of green awaken the senses and inspire the heart. The plant world wakes from it's winter slumber and many insects and animals return for the warm seasons.

Lots of projects get back online with the thawing of the ground and the snow being gone. The Heave Use Area is nearing completion, many of the cattle will head back out to Pitcher Mountain Farm, and general spring cleanup is in progress.

Take a walk with me around the farm to see some of the first signs of spring...

Swing set ready to go!

Porch front swing and rocking chair make for the perfect memorable spring and summer evenings.

Brian spotted some gorgeous robin eggs.

Nope not robin eggs, a hidden gem left over from Easter.

Pear trees blossoming.

Ben and Eli having some play time.

Brian saying hello and having a few laughs.

Thirsty chickens.

There goes Sam on the Kubota!

One of our Highlanders having a bite.

Sweet smelling hay bales.

Spring tulips.

Dried corn.

Store front and barn.

Greetings from Eli.

Curious chickens.

So much to see around the farm! Thanks for talking a walk with us!

Much love from the YFM family.

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